ATS-3200 v5.0.2 (Aug 2015)

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ATS-3200 v5.0.2 (Aug 2015)

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ATS-3200 v5.0.2 (Aug 2015)

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A Good System Must
Be easy to use.
Be totally objective.
Require little of your time.
Produce large profits per trade.
Keep drawdowns to a minimum.
Generate clear BUY and SELL signals.
Pay for itself from the profits.
In Trading Timing can be Everything.
The algorithms signal an over bought or an over sold market.
Every trade is verified against many indicators for better results.
The online seminar available with the free trial, explains this.
Simple and objective BUY and SELL signals.
Easy to Trade and takes only 15 mins. per week.

ATS-3200: System Functions and Algorithms
What makes the systems tick.
The ATS-3200 trading system is made up of a number of functions and algorithms, each complementing the other. Once you understand how each part of the system improves the performance of the whole, you should be able to trade with confidence and without Fear or Stress. The ATS-6400 works the same way.

The Functions.
The Primary Indicator. This is a long term 11 week stochastic. The system tries to go short with values above 85% and long with values below 15%.

The Primary “F” Filter. This is an adaptive simple filter that filters out insignificant trend reversals to avoid whipsaw losing trades. It adjusts itself to slow, medium and fast markets. It also changes in sideways markets, near tops and bottoms, and as the market moves higher and higher and becomes more volatile.

The Stop Loss Function. This functions calculate the stop on each new trade and handles how stopped out trades are treated. The function will prevent the system from entering the market if it is too high(over bought) to go long, or too low(over sold) to go short, after being stopped out. In each case we get a signal to “STAY OUT”, after being stopped out.

The Drawdown Parameter. This parameter takes the system out of the market, if the trade is losing more than $250 (default value) at the close on Friday. Again this function will prevent the system from going long if the market is too high(over bought), or short if the market is too low(over sold). However the function will keep the system in the trade if the market is moving in the direction of the trade, otherwise the system gives a signal to “GET OUT”.

The Trailing Stop Function. This function works with non neural network trades only. When the system detects that a trade is profitable, it starts moving the stop to protect profits, and to prevent a winning trade from turning into a losing trade. It adapts itself in sideways markets. However the most dramatic effect this function has on the performance of the system, is to cut down on the number of consecutive losing trades. You can run tests on the system, with and without this function to see the difference it makes.

The Algorithms.
The V-Filtes. This is a network of simple algorithms which try to keep the System with the major market trend. When the stochastic changes from positive to negative and vice versa, during a trade, the new signal is sent to the V-Filtering system for verification. If it is intercepted by any of the algorithms, it will be cancelled and the system stays long or short with the major trend.

The X-Algorithms. These are trained genetic algorithms. Each one tracks a specific indicator, but will only go short if the signal from that indicator is verified by other indicators. When all the indicators signal an overbought market condition, the algorithm generates a “SELL” signal. Many of the algorithms are adaptive and formulated. Two of the algorithms are designed to track sideways markets only.

The L-Algorithms. These are trained genetic algorithms. Each algorithm tracks a specific indicator for an oversold market condition. It will only go long if the signal from that indicator is verified by other indicators. When all the indicators signal an extreme market low the algorithm generates a “BUY” signal. Many of the algorithms are adaptive and formulated. Two of the algorithms are designed to track sideways markets only.
ATS-3200: System Reports
Reports generated by the systems.
The Detail Report: shows all the indicators and parameters the System uses to generate the trading signals. It also records each trade as it happens, the profit or loss to date, the drawdown and the generating algorithm.
The Profit Report: shows only the entry and exit from the trades. It shows drawdowns, profit per trade and total system profit. It is a summary of every primary trade of the System. Only the primary trades are listed.
The Summary Report: shows the date in and date out of each trade. It shows the buy and sell prices, the number of weeks in the trade, the profit and maximum drawdown of each trade.
The Yearly Profit Report: Records the profit or loss of the system year by year.
The Secondary Trades Report: gives details of the trades that the System generates, after the primary trade, during the life cycle of a complete trade.
The Stoploss Report: keeps a record of all the stops placed by the System. It also records each time the System moves the stop and must be checked weekly for any adjustments to the stop that may have to be made.
The Trades Report: This is a report of the trades from each algorithm recorded separately.
The Sideways Markets Report: This special report will highlight periods when the market is moving sideways.

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