Cody Sperber – Fast Track Profit System

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Cody Sperber – Fast Track Profit System.

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Cody Sperber – Fast Track Profit System

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HERE IS WHAT YOU ARE ABOUT TO RECEIVE Cody Sperber – Fast Track Profit System

(Over 20 complete, easy-to-follow video & audio trainings)

Module #1 Getting Started

Module #2 Marketing & Lead Generation

Module #3 Deal Analysis & Negotiation

Module #4 Property Acquisition

Module #5 Funding Your Deals

Module #6 Closing Your Deals

  • Wholesaling – Make super quick checks with no money or credit needed! Cody Sperber – Fast Track Profit System
  • Buy, Fix, & Flip – Learn how to maximize profits while others do the work!
  • Creative Financing & Lease Options – Close deals other investors can’t!
  • Buy, Fix, and Hold – Rent properties without headaches and build wealth!

Plus you are getting all forms and documents you need to become a fully-functional real estate investor:

  • Legal Contracts
  • Goal Sheets Cody Sperber – Fast Track Profit System
  • Property Intake Forms
  • Inspection Checklist
  • Deal Calculator

…and much much more!

Jessica & Pete R, Colorado

“The Fast Track really put us in the driver’s seat for our business. It took us through the process step by step and gave us the confidence we needed in getting that first deal. If you want to get moving quickly, whether you are a rookie or a seasoned investor looking to step up your game, Fast Track is the way to go. One of the very best decisions we ever made.”

Logan H, Florida

“The Fast Track Profit System is what taught me everything on how to invest in real estate from scratch with no real estate background. In a matter of a few days you can be completely up to speed and start going to work. Fast track was the foundation I built my business on, and played a vital role in getting me to where I am today.”

Brian C, Arizona

“The Fast Track system gave me a shortcut to boost my business… with all the detailed step by step videos. Cody covered everything I needed to go from never using postcards all the way through the process and sending them out automatically. It was seamless and exactly the missing link I needed. I highly recommend the Fast Track if you want to go fast and get results.”

FAST ACTION BONUSES Cody Sperber – Fast Track Profit System

Instant Access to Competing Lenders
TWO CLEVER SUMMIT EVENT TICKETS Cody Sperber – Fast Track Profit System
Come Meet Cody, Network and Learn
Personal Help from an Expert Advisor

Wei C, New York

“The Fast Track program really gave me the proper education that builds your knowledge and terminology as a real estate investor. I remember taking 20 full pages of notes to make sure the material sinks in. So the right education is there, you DO have to put in the hard work and time to learn the information. So if I can learn and use the Fast Track Program,so can YOU!”

Eddie P, Texas

“Fast Track Profit System provides me with the tools and resources needed to succeed in real estate investing! I followed directions laid out in the training and…..BOOM! The checks started coming in. Cody and his team did an extraordinary job of putting together an outstanding, user-friendly product!”

Mahesh S, Texas

“I knew nothing about real estate investing when I signed up with Clever investor. The team helped me to learn the basics and processes. There was a week by week game plan from day one to progress towards my first deal. Being new to this (I had a) lot of gaps, but the team helped to bridge the gaps and provided true support. Cody has all the resources required for a real estate investor in one place.”

Michael K, Massachusetts

“Fast track was an intense targeted program that straightened the path to more confidence and a better understanding of the Clever Blueprint to success in Real Estate. It’s hands-on training that paved the way with laser focus toward my success.”

Ben S, Kansas

“The fast track profit system is unlike any out there. Cody breaks things down into simple, actionable steps and really takes you from knowing nothing to being able to run your wholesaling business. The things he teaches are super ninja tactics to get deeply discounted deals and then what to do when you get them under contract. I recommend his Fast Track program to anyone, anytime, anywhere!”

  • Simple step-by-step program eliminates the guess work
  • Learn how to close deals in the shortest time possible
  • Become a lead generation machine for buyers and sellers
  • Gain confidence with easy to follow flow charts and scripts
  • Learn negotiation tactics to maximize profits on every deal
  • Save tons of money by using Cody’s contracts and resources
  • Decrease risk and increase success with the deal calculator
  • Master multiple investing strategy to beat your competition
  • World class customer support (both email and telephone)

Denise T, Louisiana

“When I first entered the real estate investment world, I was the typical inexperienced investor but I knew I needed some expert advice! Cody’s training videos were spot-on advice and helped jump-start almost immediately. When I first began Fast Track training, I was working a full-time job as a dental hygienist, and raising two very young children. Each night after I tucked the kids in, I went to work on real estate, watching Fast Track system video modules, hand-writing letters to potential buyers and sellers, ordering bandit signs to install on weekends, and using all of the Fast Track system suggestions. I used Cody’s methods and tips to build my business the first year, and it’s gotten better year after year. I remember Cody’s encouragement on the videos and his saying that hard work pays off. I now have a terrific team sending letters, finding buyers, prospecting and hanging bandit signs. I’m living proof that if you follow the tips and advice in Fast Track and work hard, you will be successful.”

Keone C, Hawaii

“I encourage anybody who is still sitting on the fence to take that leap of faith and get in the game! Cody is the TRUTH and the Fast Track is the absolute real deal. Whether you’re a newbie looking to get into REI or you’re already a seasoned real estate investor looking to step your game up…I can attest that you need not look any further. This Soup to Nuts course breaks the entire real estate investing process down. Literally, step-by-step in crazy detail! Honestly, I was definitely hesitant and a little skeptical (okay..really skeptical!) on whether or not these methods would actually work way out here in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. Specifically, I was doubting that his lead generation methods (ie; direct mail marketing) would really produce the results that he was preaching. I recall him saying that if you just follow exactly what I’m teaching just be prepared because your phone will be ringing off the hook. I figured why not. So I did not deviate from the game plan, TOOK ACTION and did exactly as he said. Low & behold, within just days my phone indeed rang profusely. I was shocked and remembered even saying to myself “WOW, this s**t actually works!” Again, the TRUTH and the absolute real deal! Mahalo (thank you) Cody!! Clever Investor Rocks!!!”

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