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Get More Influence, Sales and Cash Flow with Infinite Sales.

Who is this for?

The Infinite Sales course is for Enrepreneurs, Salespeople, Coaches, Trainers, Consultants, Agencies, Solopreneurs and anybody selling anything to anybody! If you need to sell a product or service, and need to talk to a human being to do it, this course is for you!

Everything you need is provided in simple-to-understand tutorial videos. No tech skills or marketing experience are required to benefit from the training.


Class Curriculum

Start Here
Start How to Use this Course
Start Your First Homework AssignmentJOHN WHITING – INFINITE SALES
Creating a Bulletproof Mindset
Start Why are You Selling? | The Main Driver of All Sales Efforts (11:04)
Start Gratitude & Sales | The Great Sales Acceleration Mindset (10:31)
Start Exercise (200) | The Most Important Mindset Exercises You’ll Ever Do (5:10)
Start Go for No | How to Get Paid for Every Person Who Says “No” (6:30)
Start Discipline | Daily Success Actions (8:00)
Start Being Honest With Yourself | The Toughest, but Most Important Aspect of Mindset (8:18) JOHN WHITING – INFINITE SALES
Start Funnel | How to “Think Through” Your Sales Funnel (7:48)
Start Massive Activity | How to Guarantee a Steady Stream of New Sales (8:56)
How to Get in Perfect Alignment with Every Client
Start Fundamentals of Rapport (Comm) | The Foundation of Everything that Matters (8:24)
Start Fundamentals of Rapport (Triangle) | The 4 Most Important Factors in Influence (7:58)
Start Fundamentals of Rapport (Interested) | The One Thing Salespeople Always Get Wrong (3:48)
Start 3 Critical Rapport Rules (9:56)
Start The Emotional Closing Scale (12:34) JOHN WHITING – INFINITE SALES
Start The 3 Phases of the Sale (8:35)
Fundamentals | The Basics
Start Why People Buy | Buying Psychology Simplified (5:29)
Start Power, Income, Speed | How to Get More Power & Income (10:10)
Questions are the Answer
Start Effective Questioning | How to Ask Questions that Get Prospects to Close Themselves (8:47) JOHN WHITING – INFINITE SALES
Pitching & Presenting
Start Framing Anything | How to Get Your Prospect Looking at it From Your Point of View (7:17)
Start Price Framing | How to Make Your Offer a “No-Brainer” for your Prospects (12:16)
Start Features & Benefits on Steroids | How to Create Irresistible “Ammunition” for your Presentation (8:55)
Start Structure of a Presentation | How to Structure a Presentation (15:37)
Start Secret Sauce Words & Phrases (18:48)
Objection Handling
Start Why People Object | What’s Happening in the Prospect’s Mind During an Objection & How to Use it to your Advantage (10:31)
Start Comments vs. Objections | When to “Handle” and When Not to (18:30) JOHN WHITING – INFINITE SALES
Start Handling a Resistance | How to Diffuse Any Negative Situation (8:40)
Start Test Closing | How to Make Sure your Prospect is Ready to Move Forward (4:25) JOHN WHITING – INFINITE SALES
Start Closing the Deal | How to Close the Deal (6:55)
Start Negotiating 101 | How to Negotiate Like a True Pro (10:18) JOHN WHITING – INFINITE SALES
Follow Up
Start Follow Up Overview | The Most Important Part in Generating Revenue (14:28)
Start Always Set a Firm Time | The Biggest Mistake Salespeople Make and How to Easily Avoid it (9:39)
Bonus: Building & Managing a Sales Team
Start Sales Team Fundamentals (5:15) JOHN WHITING – INFINITE SALES
Start Basic Structure of an All-Star Sales Team (7:37)
Start Goals, Purpose, Policy | How to Get Your Team in Alignment to a Common Goal (7:12) JOHN WHITING – INFINITE SALES
Start How to Find & Hire All-Star Salespeople (10:20)
Start Compensation Structure | How to Pay Salespeople (5:59)
Start Performance Incentives | How to Structure Incentives (8:58) JOHN WHITING – INFINITE SALES
Start Leadership & Motivation 101 | How to Get (and Keep) Salespeople Excited to Work for You (13:28)
Start How to Make $10K in 30 Days (19:11)
Start How to Generate Leads on Autopilot (10:15)



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