Martin Pring – Live in London


Martin Pring – Live in London.

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Martin Pring – Live in London

Martin Pring - Live in London

Martin Pring Live in London Advanced Course 5 DVD Video Series

In March 2003, Martin Pring appeared live at the Queen Elizabeth Center in Westminster, London, in front of 225 budding technicians. The event was professionally filmed using two cameras and digitally rendered animated graphics making you feel that you, too, have a front row seat at this unique educational experience. Judging by the following unsolicited comments the attendees were not disappointed!

In his usual style, Martin explains both the strengths and weaknesses of the techniques he describes in each 75+ minute lesson. Why not share this experience at a fraction of the cost of attending a seminar by purchasing one or more titles in his new series? And as with all the Pring videos, the presentation is full of actual examples in the market place.

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