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Wyckoff Roadshow

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Wyckoff Roadshow

Dr.Gary Dayton – Chart Reading International Roadshow

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Chart Reading International Roadshow – Wyckoff Roadshow

A Special Request Made by Traders to Dr. Gary

Recordings are available to traders

We’ve been asked by numerous traders if Dr Gary would teach the Wyckoff trading materials he presented in South East Asia and Australia on the Chart Reading International Road Show to our on-line community of traders.  Not everyone could travel to Singapore/Malaysia and Australia, and the response to the materials has been overwhelmingly positive.  There were four in-depth lessons Dr Gary taught in each of those countries for a total of 7+ hours of training.  To response to traders’ request, we have offered this training over the internet and these webinars have been recorded and made available to traders.

The Markets Offer Lucrative Gifts Every Day

The markets truly offer gifts every day, but few discover how to profit from them.  Many struggle with unworkable systems or inconsistent methods.  When Dr Gary developed this series of tutorials, he wanted to give traders the foundation by which they could see into the market and side-step the struggles.

Imagine possessing the knowledge of how to read the markets bar-by-bar, a reliable way to assess the buying and the selling, and a set of trade setups that occur several times a week.  Would this have benefit for you and your trading?

The High-Value Information You Will Learn

      • The intricacies of reading price bars and volume
      • How to read a market top
      • How to read a market bottom
      • How to read supply and demand in a trading range and know which way it will break
      • The best locations to enter a trade
      • How to minimize risk in your trade entries
      • Applications of trend lines and how to draw them properly
      • Understanding the Weis Wave and how to use it:
        • To assess the buying and selling in the market
        • When a trend is coming to an end
        • An early indication to know when a trend has changed direction
        • Assessing the moments when supply has overcome demand and vice versa
        • Making trade entries and exits off the Weis Wave
      • Four trade setups you can immediately use
      • Integrating higher time frame analysis to dramatically improve your trading
      • Combining everything taught in a week-long series of intraday trades to see how you can quickly come up to seep and use this material.

The Details

The webinars have been recorded and now available to traders.  There are two parts of the webinars – see below for topics covered by each part.

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